Majuba TVET College: 034 326 4888
Notice To Potential Suppliers Of Majuba Tvet College

An award of business by the College is only valid upon the issue of an official authorised College Purchase Order.

This Purchase Order will be issued to the Supplier by the College Supply Chain Management (SCM) Unit, and shall serve as an official confirmation of an order.


The Purchase Order is an enforceable contract between two parties and serves as an agreement between the:

1. Supplier for the delivery of the correct item as per quotation/bid specification, at the correct quantities, at the quoted price, delivered to the correct address, within the agreed timeline, and

2. The College for payment as per the College Creditor Management Policy; in compliance with the Collee Supply Chain Management Policy.


For the Purchase Order to be valid all five authorised signatories must be completed on the authorised Purchase Order.

The College will NOT be held liable for payment for goods delivered or services rendered to the College in the absence of an authorised Purchase Order issued to the supplier by the College SCM Unit.


For any queries on the award of business or the verificationof an issued Purchase Order, please contact the SCM unit on: 034 326 4888.


Notice to suppliers (PO) Draft 2 – DOWNLOAD