What do Fitters & Turners do?

Fitters & Turners are highly skilled crafts people who manufacture and construct components for machinery and use power operated tools such as lathes, milling- and drilling machines. They maintain and repair many different kinds of machines. They are also responsible for the assembling and fitting of new components and equipment. It is a highly skilled job.


If you consider yourself good with metal and repairing parts, then a career in Fitting & Turning may be just for you!

What duties and tasks does a Fitter & Turner perform?

  • Assembles and fits components for machinery;
  • Maintains and repairs machinery;
  • Uses blueprints/plans to measure material for production;
  • Monitors machinery and repairs faults;
  • Fits parts required to complete the machine;
  • Drill and tap holes;
  • Overhaul valves;
  • Maintain and align couplings;
  • Tension and align V-belts; and
  • Use machinery (such as lathe and milling machine) to manufacture components.
  • What skills and abilities must I have to become a Fitter and Turner?
  • Good at working with your hands;
  • Must be very mechanically minded;
  • Must be able to take exact measurements and work accurately;
  • Must be mathematically minded;
  • Must be able to concentrate under noisy working conditions; and
  • Be able to read three-dimensional drawings.

What are the working conditions of a Fitter & Turner?

Fitters & Turners generally work in noisy, dirty and sometimes crowded conditions. There are many physical demands in the job, such as: standing, bending and crouching which can be tiring. Fitters & Turners work overtime on public holidays as well as do weekend and nightshift work.


If you consider yourself good with metal and repairing parts, then a career in Fitting & Turner may be just for you!


2023 – 2024 ACADEMIC YEAR.