What is Farming Management about?

Students credited with this National Diploma will understand how producers manage the farm business in the agricultural environment. They will also understand the management functions, production decisions, how to utilize resources, manage finances and evaluate agricultural assets. They will also understand the economics of plant and animal production and how to conduct marketing. Through the computer modules the student is presented with the theoretical knowledge that they will need to be computer literate to manage the farm.

What skills and abilities are required to enter the Agriculture industry?

  • Initiative;
  • Good written and oral communication skills;
  • Sales and persuasion skills, along with the ability to maintain relationships;
  • Technical and analytical skills;
  • Business acumen;
  • Proficiency in using computers; and
  • The ability to work well within a team.


Due to the nature of the work, it helps if graduates enjoy working outdoors. A driving licence and car often feature among the list of essential requirements.


2023 – 2024 ACADEMIC YEAR.