Meet one of our DTC Civil & Building Construction Student

Civil engineers play an integral part in helping to create roads, build bridges,  maintain transportation and structural infrastructures that we all depend on in the cities and towns around the world.

Meet Mnqobi Buthelezi  a driven 18 year old who had seen the demand for Civil Engineers in the job market and had decided to capitalize on it. Mnqobi is currently studying the NCV course Civil and Building Construction (Level 3) at the Dundee Technology Centre Campus.

I have always been fascinated with the structural features of buildings and the manner in which they are created. When I am not focusing on my passion for buildings and structural development I am on the open fields enjoying a game of rugby with my peers, States Mnqobi.

In Mnqobi’s mind, the future is looking bright as his plans of completing his course and furthering his studies towards becoming a qualified artisan is getting closer by the day.
He has his boots-on-the-ground since finding his passion for the construction industry and wants to one day  be the owner of a successful construction company which will assist in alleviating the issue of unemployment in our country.