Hand Tools (PW 1)AL018Identification and use of hand, measuring, and marking off tools.15 Days
Power Tools (PW 2)AL019Identification and use of power tools.15 Days
Basic Welding (SW1)AP004Introduction to oxy-fuel manual cutting. Basic manual metal arc welding process. Oxy- acetylene gas welding and brazing.15 Days
Steel Wire Rope Splices (TW1)AQ003Identification of steel wire rope lays, structures and steel rope splices.30 Days
Fibre Rope Splices (TW2)AQ004Identify fiber ropes and produce different rope splices.15 Days
Knots and Uses (TW3)AQ005Identify uses of Hitches, Knots and Bends and make different types.15 Days
Lifting Equipment (TW4)AQ006Erect different types of Lifting equipment. Shear legs, Tripods, Winches, Poles and Moving Machinery.15 Days
Crane Ropes and Scaffolding (TW5)AQ020Inspection of steel wire ropes. Replace crane ropes. Erect scaffolding for construction work.15 Days
Lifting and Crane work (TW6)AQ021Rig loads using Overhead, Mobil, Pendant cranes and hand tools. Interpret load charts.15 Days
<b”>Total duration of Institutional Training:</b”>30 Weeks
Trade finishing6 Weeks

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