Hand Tools (PW 1)AL018Identification and use of hand, measuring, and marking off tools.15 Days
Power Tools (PW 2)AL019Identification and use of power tools.15 Days
Basic Rigging (BTW)AQ024Recall and demonstrate overhead crane signals. Use of lifting equipment as prescribed.5 Days
Basic Welding (SW1)AP004Introduction to oxy-fuel manual cutting. Basic manual metal arc welding process. Oxy- acetylene gas welding and brazing.15 Days
Semi-Advanced Techniques in Welding,Brazing & Cutting.AP007Semi advanced positional shielded metal arc welding, Profile cutting processes using Oxy- acetylene and plasma, Air-arc and Oxy-fuel gouging, Advanced training in Oxy-acetylene positional Welding, Brazing of Non-Ferrous and Ferrous metals.15 Days
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc WeldingAP010Advanced full positional Sheilded metal arc welding(smaw) with E6103 and E7108 electrodes, Positional pipe welding(1G, 2G and 6G).30 Days
Advanced Techniques in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and Gas Metal Arc WeldingAP013Welding of carbon steel and aluminium components by means of the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process (Tig welding). Full positional gas metal arc welding (Mig/Mag). Positional pipe welding by means of Gas tungsten arc/Shielded Metal Arc Welding processes.30 Days
Boilermaking Machinery (KW2)AN008Identify and use guillotine, punch and cropper, radial drill, bending and roll machines.15 Days
Oxy-Fuel Cutting (KW3)AN012Use cutting torch for various flame cutting procedures and use of straight line cutter.15 Days
Development & Manufacture (KW4)AN016Basic development work.15 Days
Structural Steel (KW5)AN018Construction of struts, framework and structures.15 Days
Total duration of Institutional Training:40 Weeks
Trade finishing6 Weeks

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