Basic Electricity (EB1/2)AD034Electrical laws, measuring instruments, component identification, current ratings, joining of cables and conductors. Installation, distibution, lighting systems and transformers.15 Days
AC & DC Machines (EM1)AD037Construction, operation,faultfinding, testing, polarisation and connection of AC and DC motors.15 Days
Single Phase Motor Control (EM2)AD036Install and commission single phase AC machines and control gear. Maintain and repair single phase AC machines and control gear. Fault find on single phase alternating current (AC) systems. Repair and maintain electric power tools. Maintain lighting systems.15 Days
Three Phase Motor Control (EM3)AD038Motor control pertaining to: Pushbuttons, Limit, Proximity, Pressure and Level switches and Electronic and Pneumatic timers. Operation and working principles of relays and contactors and motor overloads. Design & wire Sequential, DOL, Forward /Reverse and Reduced voltage starters. (Star delta). Design and wire relay panels.15 Days
Electrical Fault-finding (EF)AD014Fault-finding on AC & DC motor circuits.15 Days
Basic PLC (PLC)AD002Elementary programming, commissioning and fault finding on PLC operated systems.15 Days
Electrical Installation (EI)AD003Install Electrical Wire Ways. Design and install Electrical Wire Ways. Install Luminairies. Maintain Electrical Distribution Boards, Panels and enclosures15 Days
Transformers (TX)AD006Maintain Transformers. Install Low Voltage Transformers. Maintain and repair High Voltage Security fence. Install/ Replace Substations and Ring Main Units or Switches. Install Medium Voltage Transformers. Inspect, Test and maintain Medium / High Voltage Transformers. Install and Terminate Medium / High Voltage Cables. Joint Medium / High Voltage Cables. Maintain Low Voltage Switchgear.15 Days
Maintain Unit Protection Devices on Transformers
Basic Electronics (EaW1)AF003Measuring instruments, soldering, electronic components and elementary circuit building.15 Days
DC Drive Fault- finding (EaW4)AF007Electronic fault-finding on DC drive trainers. Basic digital electronics. Logic gates. Binary arithmetic, Boolean algebra, code conversion and pulse shaping circuits.15 Days
Basic Welding (SW1)AP004Introduction to oxy-fuel manual cutting. Basic manual metal arc welding process. Oxy- acetylene gas welding and brazing.15 Days
Basic Rigging (BTW)AQ024Recall and demonstrate overhead crane signals. Use of lifting equipment as prescribed.5 Days
Hand Tools (PW 1)AL018Identification and use of hand, measuring, and marking off tools.15 Days
Power Tools (PW 2)AL019Identification and use of power tools.15 Days
Advanced Hand Skills (PW3)AL021Hand skills on project work. Heat treatment to metals. Drill sharpening and flange drilling.15 Days
Keys and Locking Devices (PW4)AL024Manufacture different types of keys and locking devices. Fit taper lock bushes.15 Days
Lubrication & Bearings (PW5)AL025Mounting of all types of bearings. Bearing failure diagnosis. Manufacture white metal bearing. Use induction heater. Identify lubrication systems. Strip; assemble and align worm wheel reduction gearbox.15 Days
Drives & Pumps (PW6)AL037Alignment of couplings, chains and V- belts. Maintenance on centrifugal pumps. Set types of brake equipment.15 Days
Pneumatics (PNU)AO002Learn basic symbols.Identify filters, lubricators, pipes and different type of valves. Design and build basic, conventional and cascade circuits using actuators with linear and rotary movements.15 Days
Hydraulics (HIDR)AH005Learn symbols. Identify power units, filters, pumps, cylinders, accumulators and different types of valves. Design and build basic and conventional circuits using actuators with linear and rotary movement.15 Days
Total duration of Institutional Training:58 Weeks
Trade Finishing :4 Weeks

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